Midnight Jasmine


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A Midnight Scent of Jasmine - Candlelight, Lemon, Ginger and Honeysuckle 
The midnight jasmine candle was created with a special blend of lemon, ginger, honeysuckle and jasmine. Its warm, inviting aroma will fill your home with feelings of comfort and joy. Light the candle to set the perfect relaxing atmosphere for any occasion - from cozy nights at home to lively gatherings with friends and family. Let its unique scent transport you away on an exotic journey through sweet citrus notes combined perfectly with hints of floral bliss! 

  • Soft and pleasant aroma
  • Subtle hint of lemon, ginger and honeysuckle

This soft, dreamy scent conjures memories of balmy summer nights. Its light notes of lemon and ginger perfectly fold into a bold honeysuckle jasmine aroma. 

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