Afia Candle Company's mission is to provide customers with luxury candles that are 100% natural, organic, safe, non allergic and Eco-friendly that smell luxurious and amazing without the harmful chemicals.  We hand pour each candle in the USA and our candles are not tested on animals so they are animal cruelty free. We use the best, finest and top quality ingredients thus producing our premium and luxury scented candles.

Our premium candles are made with 100% coconut-apricot wax and sets us apart. Our custom coconut-apricot wax blends allows our candles to have the maximum scent load for aromas that fills the room.  Our wax blends holds a scent load of 12.5% compared to a pure soy wax candle that can only hold 8% candle scent load. This means that our candles includes 56% more scent load than the best soy candles on the market.

Our fragrance oils are carcinogen, parabens and phthalates free and are non-toxic.  We use 100% cotton lead free wicks. We currently offer Soy Wax Candles which are made with 100% natural soy wax and our new Premium Coconut Wax Candles. By using a natural coconut wax blend, our candles burn cleaner, longer and provide stronger scents that fills the room with luxury aromas. The average burn time is 50-60+ hours.  We offer the best for our customers and their health. We hope you enjoy our candles.